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We are energy pioneers

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And we are part of one of the major energy trading companies in the World, Hartree Partners

The energy landscape is constantly changing, opening up opportunities for organisations large and small to harness the power of power. For many businesses, however, taking advantage of the financial and competitive opportunities of decentralised energy is a vastly complex, time-consuming and expensive process. Hartree Partners identified that a new energy approach was needed to support businesses in regard to their energy requirements and formed Hartree Solutions – enlisting an exceptional and experienced team of energy professionals, traders, data analysts and innovative thinkers headquartered in Central London.

Our remit is simple: to free businesses from perceived complexities and capital constraint of using new technologies, enabling them to make substantial reductions in energy cost and their carbon emissions footprint, whether they have large or small energy demand profiles and limited or zero capital available for investment in energy cost reduction.

Ground-breaking fully integrated AI technology

Advanced real-time trading analytics

Real-time intermittent load management

50 MW fast-response

Extensive development portfolio

How we work with you

While others supply, we partner

Hartree Solutions is not like traditional energy suppliers and service companies. For one, all our originators and traders are part of one flat structure, acting as a single customer-facing cohesive unit. This integrated structure allows Hartree Solutions to maximise client savings seamlessly and operate with transparency and openness.

Furthermore, we create a partnership with you, not a transaction, so you are fully supported by us with expertise and practical, strategic guidance during all stages of the ongoing energy transition process.

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A win-win partnership

We keep our client base small so we can offer genuine partnerships to help you achieve your energy ambitions

Complete transparency

Get complete transparency on your energy consumption and potential optimisation revenue

Flexible contracts

We can change the way we optimise assets as well as the types of contract we offer to suit your changing energy estate and needs

One single, independent partner

You work with one partner for energy generation, operations, billing, settlement and supply. Because we are completely independent, we only recommend the best technology for your energy needs

Initial desktop feasibility

To start, we conduct initial desktop feasibility to see if a partnership is viable - if it’s not, we will be honest with you

Our history

We have over three decades of knowledge and experience in the power markets and the impacts of renewables, interconnectors and the decarbonisation of the grid

Hartree Partners, LP is one of the world’s leading commodity firms, specialising in trading energy commodities and has operated successfully around the world since 1997 when it was originally founded as HETCO.

Being at the forefront of the wholesale energy market as Hartree Partners, LP we have unparalleled knowledge and experience in trading to maximise revenues and minimise risk.

We also have extensive experience structuring transactions for conventional thermal generation and have recently formed a Green Energy specific Joint Venture called Ampyr LLP which has industry-leading experience in structured transactions in the renewable power space.

As an active developer of differing energy solutions – including Gas CHP, solar, wind, and energy storage - Hartree is equipped to invest in the right energy solutions for your business.

12 offices around the world, over 100 traders, and an unparalleled analytical approach

Not only do we provide our partners with innovative thinking, we take a highly analytical approach to everything we do for them. It is one of the success factors behind Hartree Partners’ strong track record and growth over the last three decades.

Data insights and world-class analytics are the ways in which we uniquely harness the distributed energy market for your advantage. Our cutting-edge automated AI system processes over a million data points per second providing real-time and unparalleled energy insights to inform the optimisation decisions we make.

Our in-house team of experts has developed modelling and simulation frameworks, delivering automated updates and data feeds to holistically reduce energy consumption and maximise operational efficiencies, all in real-time.